Cycling and deer spotting in Richmond Park, London

Although this is technically a travel blog, after a wonderful afternoon on my bike yesterday, I thought I’d share a bit about one of my favourite things to do in London – which is to cycle through Richmond Park.

I love cycling and although I’m often met with a lot of “oh no but isn’t it terribly dangerous cycling in the city” from friends outside London, there are actually quite a few really great cycle routes near me, which take you off the busy roads. I suppose that is what is so lovely about living in Wimbledon; it’s in a part of London with a lot of green spaces so that it often feels like you are outside of the city, yet so well connected to it at the same time.

My favourite cycle routes are the ones where only a small minority of the journey is on the roads . Sometimes that means I’m cycling along the river Thames, towards Weybridge or Windsor (if it’s a longer route), or along the river Wandle, which offers a kind of nature corridor cutting through the industrial estates of Wandsworth. My regular route however, takes me through Wimbledon Common and to one of my favourite spaces in London, Richmond Park (in what is about a 10km loop).

Created by Charles I, Richmond Park is full of deer and the largest of London’s royal parks.  It’s hills offer some great views and with a mixture of woods, fields, and the beautifully manicured gardens of Isabella Plantations, it’s one of the best places to get away from it all in the city. It’s where I learnt how to ride a bike and I still get excited by spotting the herds of deer roaming about.

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Richmond on the River Thames




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