Lindos and St Pauls Bay

The Greek island of Rhodes has a couple of real gems and the town of Lindos is certainly one of them.

Nestled between two turquoise bays, below the ruins of an ancient acropolis, the town of Lindos has everything you could want from a Greek Island destination; byzantine churches, donkeys and traditional Greek tavernas with roof top seating. Enjoy meandering around the small town’s maze of cool cobbled lanes, under the shade of hanging green vines, before working up a sweat climbing up to the acropolis. The views from the top are spectacular and well worth the hike. Afterwards, there are plenty of options down in the town for eating and drinking – we had a fabulous meal consisting of feta cheese pies and slow roasted beef stifado.




DSC01154The two small beaches in St Pauls bay are far more crowded with deck chairs than nearby beaches, but the scenery here is simply superb. There is a little white washed church that sits across the bay from the town and acropolis, which in the summer months is host to a continues stream of wedding parties. From the bay we took a boat ride, and me and my sister were even allowed to drive!



 DSC01389    DSC01381




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