36 hours in Singapore – Part 3


Singapore zoo is the best zoo I’ve ever been to, and it’s where I spent my second and final day in the city. It’s walk in exhibits, and minimal bars enclosures, allow you to get really close to the animals. Young orang-utans swung over our heads and I was in touching distance of giant bats, teeny tiny deer and a sloth. There was just a ditch and a couple of logs separating me from the rhinos – all of which makes it easy to snap some good pictures.




I bought tickets to enter the main zoo and the river safari. I only paid extra for the latter because they’d cunningly placed the panda enclosure there, rather than in the main zoo, despite pandas having nothing to do with rivers. Seeing it all was probably a bit much in one day – not for lack of time so much as due to aching feet. If I’d had longer in Singapore, I’d probably split the visits up as well as go to the night safari. The weather was bright and sunny, right up until I was about to head back into town anyway, when it started bucketing it down with rain. Yet again on this trip, I was lucky with the timing.

Adorable chocolate filled panda bun!
Adorable chocolate filled panda bun!




When the bus brought me back into town, the rain had ceased and I headed to my final destination of the trip. Kampong Glam is Singapore’s Muslim quarter, and here you can find little lanes of boutique shops and cafes. On the last day of a trip that was over two months long, I was predictably over budget but thankful that there was still some money left in my bank account. So I restrained myself and just had a casual browse, without buying anything, before tucking into the Singaporean delight that is Kaya toast. I should’ve used some of those last dollars to bring me back a pot of kaya (coconut jam). I’m almost ashamed to say that my very last meal in Singapore was from McDonalds, but I was intrigued by the satay beef burger. It was a bit odd but I love satay….


After all that I headed to the airport, to fly back home to London. I definitely feel that I made the most of my time in Singapore. I wasn’t exactly rushing about the whole time, but I couldn’t have fitted any more in as you need to be decently rested in order to enjoy the things you do. My feet could not have taken any more walking. Stopping off in Singapore was a very last minute decision and an experience which I enjoyed greatly. It’s a fantastic city and the perfect way to round off my travels….

Not your traditional moon cakes.
Not your traditional moon cakes.

…until the next adventure!


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