36 hours in Singapore – Part 2

Part 1 ended with me catching my breath in the Gardens by the Bay. It turned out I had timed things perfectly, or perhaps this is why the hostel receptionist told me to end here, because as the sun went down the giant vertical garden trees started to light up. I chilled on the grass, eating some over priced poorly tasting fried chicken because it was there and I was lazy. Upon the first bite my immediate thoughts were ‘oh why did I opt for such rubbish when Singapore has so much deliciousness to offer?’ Alternatively, one of the restaurants was serving up chilled spicy jellyfish – I am definitely not that brave!


After nightfall, crowds started to gather in the gardens. It looked as if something was about to happen so, out of curiosity, I stuck around. Music started playing and the supertrees began to twinkle and flash different colours.




Heading back to the bay, I just caught the end of another light show. This time it was video footage, projected on to a wall of water that fountained up out of the bay. I’m sorry Hong Kong, but I think Singapore has one-upped your symphony of lights.


Singapore has insane shopping and shops are open late into the night. I’ve read that locals complain there is little else to do in Singapore – though I wholeheartedly disagree. One of the malls has a canal and venetian style gondolas in it. It was a bit gimmicky but the Singaporean shoppers on the other hand – very stylish indeed! After a coffee (vital fuel for dashing around cities) I meandered back through the central financial district to my hostel. On the way back I came across these models of Singapore’s apartment blocks, which had been made by school children.  Around 80% of Singapore’s residents live in public housing.


One fantastic thing about Singapore I how safe it is. It’s one of the safest cities in the world, which means that solo travellers like me don’t have to worry about wandering around on our own after dark, or getting lost in unknown areas.

Day two at the zoo continues with part 3


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