Travel Video: Vietnam

This was our second attempt at video editing. As you can see we had some fun playing around filming at a higher frame rate so we could convert it into slow motion.

You can tell when we used a tripod because those are some of the best looking shots, but with the one we had it wasn’t always feasible. I want a great video, but when it comes down to it I’m more interested in living the experiences. Hopefully as we get better at filming (and have acquired new tripods and attachments) we will get better at balancing the two. Unfortunately there is no footage of our time in Hanoi, as we kind of forgot about filming whilst making the most of my family being with us – oops.

What do you think of our travel videos? Any tips and tricks for those relatively new to filming?



  1. Brilliant!! It was all great, nice mix of footage and clean editing, kept me interested. Maybe some more tighter in shots like peoples faces, locals shops, signs etc, liked the Hoi An at night and motor bike footage, also when the camera went below the water (what camera is this?) good music choice and nice touch with the map at the end! Sets a new high for travel photography in the family 🙂

    • It’s a Go Pro. They are fantastic value, and completely Emma proof. I’m not certain but I think it cost just under £300 for the Hero3 Black, and they have a new edition out now so it would be even cheaper. Because they are designed for extreme sports they are really small, come with a waterproof case, and you can get all sorts of attachments for them – when we went zipwiring in Thailand we had it mounted on one of our helmets. We could also remote control it from our phones. There are lots of cheaper knock offs but I think they can’t film in as good quality or as many frames per second.

      You’re right about the need for more close ups. We had it on wide angle most of the time, which we often didn’t realize was an issue because you can’t see what you are filming on the camera (which takes some getting used to) unless you view it live on your phone via wifi (might be bluetooth) which drains the battery.

      Also it was only once we were back at home and editing that we really got a good idea of the types of shots you want for a video.

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