Travel Video: Thailand

This is the first time I have ever taken a video camera on holiday. Taking full advantage of Matts weakness for new nerdy tech, all I had to do was drop a few hints and he was enthusiastically purchasing a new Go Pro. *laughs triumphantly*

I refer to it as our Go Pro, although he is very clear that it is not ‘our’ Go Pro. In fact I only think I was trusted to use it as it is waterproof, drop proof and basically Emma proof. We learnt to film as we went along, and its the same with the editing, but I’m proud of what we produced as a first attempt.

When we edited this, I think it was the first time Me and Matt had ever worked on anything together. I like to think that the process combines the best of both our talents and that together we were able to make something neither of us could. Matt is the techy one who could understand how to use the program, and he also has a sense of rhythm so was able to time the transitions with the music. I on the other hand brought my artistic creativity to the table (though, If I’m entirely honest he probably could’ve done it all without me).

Videos will never replace holiday photos for me, but it the whole process was really fun and we will definitely be taking the Go Pro with us again. Matt is already building a stabilizing device that does complex things (which you apparently know all about as an electronic engineer) in order to give you smooth video footage when you are holding the camera in your hand. You can buy them and they are awesome but very expensive. You can  literally shake your hand all about and it adjusts for the movement to keep the camera entirely level. As we soon learn shakiness is what makes videos above all else look really amateur, and tripods aren’t always convenient. I will be massively impressed if Matt can pull this off, but then again he and his team did just successfully send something they built into space with the European space agency, for their forth year university project.



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