Back in Bangkok

Sadly it is here that me and Matts two month adventure had to end (for Matt at least! I still had an epic 36hours in Singapore ahead of me). We flew back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok where we’d spend a couple of days before leaving Thailand.

Crowds arrive for Chatuchak Weekend Market
Crowds arrive for Chatuchak Weekend Market

The hostel we had stayed in before, Hostel Lub d, was great. Siam square is such a convenient location, as it is right near the sky train and some brilliant shopping malls. If your stomach can’t handle street food, the food courts in malls are a great place to try cheap and quick (I say quick rather than fast as I wouldn’t associate it with unhealthy western fast food) meals from a variety of Asian cuisines. Anyway despite the great location, we opted to stay in a different part of the city, which we’d heard equally good things about – in order to maximise our experience. This time we opted for Bodega Hostel in Sukhumvit (very central and on the sky train). This place was a bit more social and laid back; with bar tabs tacked to the wall behind the bar that stretched to a number of feet (some people were clearly having a very good stay).


Our attempts at drinking out were all somewhat of a failure. We checked out Bangkok’s infamous clubbing strip, but it was a bit seedy for my taste and we were perhaps a bit too sober to appreciate its err….charm. We also headed up to one of the cities sky bars with the intention of romantically watching the sun set over Bangkok whilst drinking cocktails. I however was down to just a pair of trainers and my flip flops by this point; neither being acceptable and we were turned away at the door. It was the last night of our trip together. I pleaded, got really grumpy and consoled myself with a mocha and some biscuits, after convincing myself that it wouldn’t have been as spectacular as the time we went to the Ozone bar in Hong Kong anyway (in the Ritz Carlton it’s the tallest bar in the world, with a view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island). When we did finally find somewhere nice to drink that night matt hilariously ended up ordering a cocktail that to his surprise was almost too spicy for him to drink.

Golden gate bridge in an around the world themed shopping mall.
Golden gate bridge in an around the world themed shopping mall.

We primarily ate and shopped in Bangkok. It’s not Thai food but I absolutely love the restaurant chain Pepper Lunch – they have them all over Asia but sadly not in Europe. Your food is served on a sizzling hot plate and consists of rice, thin slices of  raw beef (which then cooks), butter, sweetcorn, pepper and a glorious sauce. You can also have it with cheese and honey bbq sauce, which sounds weird for a Japanese inspired dish but its such glorious comfort food.

When I say we shopped, we didn’t really spend any money (other than getting our hair cut which could be considered a saving compared to prices at home) but just browsed. This was the end of our trip, and I at least had definitely gone over budget just a little bit…..


We visited Chatuchak Weekend Market which is the largest in Thailand, and the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was hot and crowded but definitely worth a visit.


Stall selling plastic fake fruit


We spent our last afternoon in Thailand together just chilling in the park, thoroughly exhausted at the end of our journey. I had such an amazing time travelling with Matt, and couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend two months on the road with. Also having my family join us in Vietnam was a real highlight!



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