Chiang Mai – Art in Paradise

We had a lot of fun in Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai’s 3D art museum. Kids would love it, which is probably the reason we did too! I’ve never quite gotten the concept of Madame Tussauds –  I don’t really see that much fun in having lots of pictures of me with fake models of celebrities. But this, a somewhat similar concept which revolves around visitors taking pictures of themselves with the exhibits, really entertained us.

This isn’t really an art museum; its not a place to go and admire inspiring masterpieces. The art isn’t really 3D either, but it is painted to look 3D if you take a picture of it from the right angle. There are little signs telling you where to stand with your camera, while your friend poses as part of the scene. Get a little silly and creative with your posing and its an especially great way to spend a humid rainy afternoon. Here is us, looking ridiculous….









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