Hue: Vietnams former royal capital

The Lonely Planet introduction to Hue begins, ‘if art and architecture matter more to you than beer and beaches, Hue will be high on your Vietnam must-visit list’….hmmm.


We like all the of the above! (which is why Hoi An was so wonderful). But, although there was a bit of disagreement amongst my family on this point, I think Hue is definitely worth at least a brief visit (if you are heading that way)


We only stayed one night but this was plenty of time for us have a bit of a wander and visit the Citadel. We actually ended up staying in two different hotels, as the place I’d booked wasn’t good enough for my parents. Apparently my standards had relaxed a little after a month of backpacking. In my defence it was fairly decent for £7 each a night, but I suppose when you are only away for a week, and you can get a 4* hotel room for £25, why would you want to skimp? Lesson to self – don’t try and save your parents money, kick back, enjoy the luxury with them, and drain their credit cards.

DSC00281A moat surrounds the walled Citadel. It’s water comes from the Perfume River.




The Imperial City, enclosed in the Citadel, has some very beautiful architecture. Unless you hire a guide however, there isn’t much in the way of historical information at the site, so I still don’t really know anything about it – but it was pretty (can’t be intellectual and cultured everyday whilst travelling, that would be exhausting).

P1060035      DSC00264


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