Giant pillow fight? Yes please!

Just stumbled across these images, taken a couple of weeks ago in central, and thought they were something worth sharing: Image

There is something utterly liberating about throwing yourself head first into a crowd full of strangers and wildly waving your pillow about, left, right, and centre, whilst being bombarded yourself from all sides.It’s so disorientating, you barely know which way is up. You don’t know any of these people but you are all here for the same reason; to act like a child and thwack as many people as possible. It’s a very satisfying thing.


…and outside of the madness, where you really have to battle your way through a fluffy bombardment of chaos, some children and their grown ups were busy being just plain cute.




    • haha, I wasn’t confident that if I held the camera out at arms length, to take a selfie, it wouldn’t just be knocked right out of my hand in the chaos.

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