What a way to enjoy the sunshine!

The weather in Hong Kong is pretty variable – just like back home in the UK, only warmer and a hell of a lot more humid. But when it is sunny, what is a great way to enjoy it? Hire a boat. It’ll make you feel like you are living the dream, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to be one of those people you see cruising out of Hong Kong harbour in a yacht decked out with speakers. It’s perfectly possible to spend a day in luxury on a student budget. If you group together and hire a boat for thirty people, you’re looking at paying about $200 hkd each. Then just stock up on alcohol from 7/11 and climb aboard! If you are just visiting, and perhaps don’t know that many people in Hong Kong, then there are some organised boat tours you can sign up to. There are both party boats and more family orientated ones, with many of the party boats having an open bar.

Our boat dropped us off at Stanley for a short lunch break, before heading to an empty beach where we went swimming. It was such an awesome day!


It was quite a weekend. In the two days before our boat party, I’d hiked to Tai Long Wan, in Sai Kung, and camped out on the beach. The water was amazing, we roasted marshmallows on a campfire, drank lots etc… I won’t go on as I’ve already posted about a previous trip to Sai Kung. I just wanted to say that this time I did the cliff jumping, and here is the proof!


(All this and I’m supposed to be in Hong Kong to study…. Oops! it’s a good thing it’s raining this week or I’d be disinclined to get any work done.)


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