Shanghai and how to find a date in China

This is an incredibly belated and brief post about my trip to Shanghai.


Beijing may have the history and culture (and if you can only visit one city in China, I’d probably suggest Beijing) but Shanghai is the city I’d rather live in. It’s easier to get around with limited or no mandarin, I’m stared at a little less, and (as you can see from the picture) its new and shiny.


There may be limited tourist attractions in Shanghai itself but don’t let that put you off. The city is a brilliant base from which to explore the surrounding area. There is a bullet train that can take you to Suzhou in about 25min (approx 40RMB/ £4). This city is full of culture and the historic gardens offer a serene get away, making it a lovely and hassle free day trip from Shanghai. There are also numerous ancient water towns within an hours bus ride from Shanghai, marketed as Venice’s of the east (not so sure about that..). We visited Zhujiajio which was the highlight of my trip, and I would highly recommend it. Slightly further afield, you can also include a trip to Hangzhou from Shanghai or take the overnight train, as we did, to Huangshan for a bit of mountain scenery (or not, if it’s foggy).

The picture below depicts one very surprising thing we encountered in a Shanghai park. It was basically the low-tech equivalent of internet dating. There were hundred and hundreds of profiles listing individuals details and the type of partner they were interested in. From the few that were in English, the details given, and list of requirements, were rather materialistic. There was more focus on education and salary than shared interests and personality. In some cases it appeared to be dating agencies exhibiting the profiles, in others it appeared as if it might be mothers trying to find wives for their sons. I don’t know if anyone has encountered this elsewhere in the world?

IMG_1633 IMG_1631



  1. Hi Emma. Glad you enjoyed your time in Shanghai. A fascinating city and the night time illuminated buildings look amazing. An awful lot changed since I was there in the 80s but hopefully some of the 30s building along the Bund haven’t all disappeared. I will check Jack & Tash check out your page as they are heading in your and China direction. You must brief them more including Suzhou and Zhujiajio . Hope you are well and continuing to enjoy HK and studies.

  2. …..and I meant to also say, keep posting your blogs, always interested to hear what your doing and where.

  3. Thanks. I got distracted from the blog for a bit unfortunately but I’m getting back on track now and should have tonnes to write about soon (In a fortnight I’ll be off travelling until mid-August) How do you like the new look by the way? I don’t have the computer skills, or the money, to do anything more personalized but I think this is a more fitting blog theme than the previous.

    • Emma, love the new theme blog. Do keep posting as it will be a great memory treasure of your time in those places particularly if you combine more photos of yourself in the landscapes/places, the people you meet and the reflections/impressions and experiences you have at the time.. Its not the computer skills or money thatt makes a great blog, its the discipline, time spent reflecting on your experiences and selection of photos. Looking forward to reading more, good luck on your travels. Maybe tell us what your plans are, hopes when going and a mix of the facts and practicalities. Also show us some of the food your eating and people you are meeting.

      • Thanks, very good advice. I’ll try to keep it in mind when I head to China in 13 days! Following that it’ll be two months in SE Asia 🙂

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