Afternoon tea at the Peninsula

This post starts with a thank you to my Aunt and Uncle for treating me to afternoon tea with a friend at the Peninsula, which was absolutely delightful.


As it was the holiday season, there was a bit of a queue for afternoon tea (they don’t take reservations) but once we sat down it was without a doubt well worth the wait. Although it was clearly mostly tourists dining that afternoon – as evident from the number of camera phones that were out instagraming pics of the food – we enjoyed taking a break from our student lives to pretend to be sophisticated. This was after we had photographed the classical Peninsular Lobby and the food of course. Everything was delicious and even though we were stuffed, we just had to finish it all. We are students after all and only pretending to be more sophisticated than I think we actually are, so we were also inevitably going to abuse the free tea refills. I think I had about six or seven cups of tea during the two hours we were leisurely chatting away. We ordered a different type of tea each and were sampling each others. I ordered a caramel tea which was beautiful. The selection of desserts on the top tier was stunningly arranged and very yummy but it was the hearty freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam which I adored. Afternoon tea at the Peninsula is a tradition, inspired by olden Hong Kong in their words. The hotel says that their aim is to take you back to a more gracious world when there was always time for afternoon tea. Sounds good to me. I’d definately recommend treating yourself to this experience at least once whilst in Hong Kong.

IMG_1374IMG_1381 IMG_1376



  1. Hi Emma. Really glad you had a great time at the Peninsular Hotel, thanks for posting/sharing about your experience and great photos. Sounds like it beats the student canteen 🙂 Hope your whole birthday celebrations have gone well. I am commenting from HCMC having just returned from 4 days cycling with Jack in the Mekong Delta. Excellent I really recommend. “Kung hei fat choy”,or if you have any Vietnamese friends “Chung mei nam moi”. John

  2. That sounds amazing. I should be spending 2-3 weeks in vietnam in summer and would like to do some cycling while I’m there so you’ll have to send me the details sometime. Glad you’re enjoying it. Vietnam sounds like a fantastic country to visit. Emma x

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