End of term… for me at least!

When choosing my modules, I just picked what seemed interesting without really taking assessment method into account. This landed me with some fairly gruelling group essays (apparently you can write an essay with seven people! Euurggh) but did also mean that, whilst everyone else has a couple weeks of exams left, I’m done for this semester. What a beautiful accident that turned out to be, and definitely some thing I shall take into consideration when choosing modules for next semester. I also intend to try my very hardest to leave free either a Monday or Friday to allow for the odd cheeky weekend getaway.

So now I get to smugly chill out and enjoy Hong Kong, in this beautiful weather we are having, whilst my flatmates are at work. The locals may be throwing on their coats, wrapping up warm and thinking I’m bizarre for going out in just a tank top and cardigan, but I’m loving the clear blue skies and crisp fresh-for-hong-kong air. I’m hoping to fit in a hike or two, to take in some of the beautiful scenery that Hong Kong has to offer outside the city once I’m finally rid of this stinking cold.

Now this semester is over, all those exchange students, who are only here for half the year, are heading home. While they are complaining that they don’t want to leave, I – in the knowledge that I will be coming back in January – actually can’t wait to go home. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family, eating roast potatoes with gravy, and even the cold weather (provided that I’m tucked up on the sofa in my onsie drinking mulled wine and leftover quality street). Although when I came to Hong Kong I had these grand plans to travel through Asia at absolutely every opportunity I got – I very quickly realised that I would hate to spend Christmas away from home. It would just be rubbish without being with my family and not going through our whole traditional Christmas routine together.



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