Happy Valley Races

On Wednesday, I went to the horse races at Happy Valley, on Hong Kong Island. Despite being a remnant of colonialism, the races are a very different affair here to in England. They are less exclusive, and far less posh – for a start I doubt you’d see a McDonalds in Ascot. It’s far more affordable to go to the races in Hong Kong; the drinks are far cheaper (£11 for a pint of pimms at Ascot!) and entry is only $10 HKD, which – like so many things in Hong Kong – is payable on your octopus card.


I placed two bets (each only $20 HKD) and I won 1 and lost 1. It meant that I walked away with about $2 HKD better off, which is approximately a whopping big 20p! I know nothing about horses, so my bets were pretty much complete guesses, and well some of the horses had cool names… hence why I didn’t put down more money. I’m not much of a betting person and I’m not really into horse racing but it’s quite a fun thing to go to with a group of mates, for something a little different.


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