A Hong Kong Halloween

Halloween in Hong Kong is unlike Halloween as I’ve ever experienced it. It’s one massive night out in the clubbing district. In England, Halloween is for little children trick-or-treating and a few student parties. In Hong Kong, huge crowds head to the Lang Kwai Fong and there are plenty of very elaborate costumes. All the local students – who don’t usually seem go out clubbing – go out on Halloween. I’ve never seen so many people, dressed up in costume, in one place. The streets had been cordoned off by police, funnelling everyone into hours long queues towards Lang Kwai Fong. As soon as we saw how long we’d be waiting in line, we gave up any ideas we’d had of getting into LKF. Instead we hit a few bars in Soho and then went to a club near LKF. It was a great night out. Everywhere was packed and lively and the club we went to was giving out free drinks to us girls.




One comment

  1. Sounds like an interesing blend og western and eastern cultures. Festival of the hungry ghosts. Enjoying reading your posts. keep them up.

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