Repulse Bay – not so repulsive

I’ll keep this short as me lounging around on a beach all day probably isn’t the most exciting thing for you to read. Though perhaps it will make some of you a little jealous. Repulse Bay – the name is definitely off putting, but being clueless as to its origin, we decided to give it a visit (after all we can’t just spend all our time at Deep Water). The first time we visited, there was a pretty noticeable amount of rubbish floating around in the water. The second time, however, the water was lovely and not a single piece of plastic debris in sight! It seems to me that the quality of the water is more dependent the weather (causing rubbish to be washed ashore some days), than which beach you visit. However I am well aware that in order for such a statement to be considered conclusive, I must increase my sample size and visit more beaches, more times, just to be sure.Image




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