First week of term… actual lectures and stuff

The first week at HKU is known as the Add/Drop period. This is when students basically shop around for the modules they like; popping into numerous lectures to see which classes they prefer. Seminars/tutorials don’t begin until after the add/drop period, when everyone is registered for their modules, so the work hasn’t really begun yet (unless I am missing something..?). 

I’m really excited about the modules I will be taking this year. The number of modules we take, the fact that it is an extra year (not counting towards my final degree) and that I am on pass/fail gives me extra flexibility in choosing what I study. It means that the majority of my courses can still be politics modules, whilst I can also take a module in photography (any camera skills I gain will hopefully be reflected in this blog) and have a shot at mandarin without worrying about it bringing down my overall grade. 

I do intend to work hard. That being said, it is going to be tricky to find a balance. So maybe not as hard as my second year at Warwick. Hopefully harder than my first at least. Today, despite having things to do, once again the sunny weather lured us to the beach (it just can’t be helped) and there is so much to explore. Rain might be my only saviour; my only chance at getting a good grade. Looking at the long list things to see and do during our time in Hong Kong (compiled as a flat on our white board), I will definitely need to hone in my time management skills if I am to benefit academically from my time at HKU. I will need to be up to date with my reading as “reading” week (typically the time when students catch up with work) is when we are planning a trip around mainland China. Perhaps we can count practising our mandarin as work? Or maybe I can be working on my photography assignments? In any case, it seems that the lecturers are expecting all us exchange students to bugger off as soon as we get the chance and with so much on Hong Kong’s doorstep can you blame us!


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