Night Safari

Last night my neighbour and I went on night safari tour of a nature reserve near the uni. This was one of many activities run by HKU, that we non-local students can sign up to in order to learn more about Hong Kong and get to know one another. After an uphill struggle, which left us all dreadfully sweaty, the beams from our head torches fell upon a number of frogs, toads and geckos. The highlight, however, was to see a group of porcupines ambling about in the undergrowth. We were very lucky to have such a good view of them as the porcupines are so rarely seen that they don’t bother to include them on the list of animals you might see on the tour. I don’t have a photo of them to post unfortunately as I was wary of startling them with my flash (they can be aggressive and with spikes like those, its not a risk you want to take!). 


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