Acceptance of accommodation application

I’ve finally received news of my application for uni accommodation while studying in Hong Kong and I’ll admit that the wait was getting me a little anxious (as the wait for me visa continues to do). To hear that I had been offered somewhere to live was a huge relief as making other arrangements in so little time would’ve been seriously manic and a massive drain on my finances (completely wiping out my holiday travel budget). So, huge sigh of relief there and a little happy dance!

I had hoped to be offered a place in the university halls of residence, as I wanted to throw myself into the whole uni-halls social life experience that they appear to offer, with each having their own traditions and social events. However, completely relieved to be offered any form of uni accommodation, I am satisfied with my placement in student flats (these are self contained apartments which house six people and have their own living spaces, kitchen and bathroom). They are right next to the halls and so I doubt I shall find much of a barrier to obtaining the same level of social life. In fact being thrown into a flat with a bunch of strangers will undoubtedly speed up the process of getting to know people. It will also give me the extra freedom of cooking my own food. Whilst, having a living space, separate from my shared room, will mean I can more easily invite friends over without intruding on my roommates space.  Sharing a room, which is a completely new and somewhat daunting prospect, was something I’d have to put up with regardless of where I was allocated. In some respects its one of the most concerning things for me. For example, what happens if they are a relentlessly annoying psychopath… or if they think I’m one? Is it then better that I may be sharing with two other people rather than one, in a diffusing the potential tension kind of way? Maybe it’ll just be doubley as awkward in a three’s a crowd kind of way. Either way I’ll know in a couple of weeks… eek!


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